Commissioners Fundraising Honey


Fundraise over a delicious breakfast!

Delicious raw honey from a local beehive, in a variety of sized jars, and raw honeycomb packaged in tubs.

Exclusively whilst stocks last.  All proceeds go directly to The Unit. Available to all.

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We’ve been exclusively donated delicious jars of hand-produced honey, for an easy and delicious way to fundraise for The Unit.  The honey is from a local hive in Coal Aston and is a totally natural raw product, with no additives – just home-spun and filtered, bringing out depth and flavour we know you’ll love.  It’s produced by one of the Unit’s Leader’s ‘pet’ bees in their grounds and then jarred in recycled jars.

Every jar is slightly different, but comes in Taster, Medium and Large jar sizes, rather than being weighed. Variability in the size of the jar makes each unique, but each one is filled with the same sweet honey.

It’s a collection only from the Unit on a Thursday night, and unfortunately, we can’t post them safely.

Raw Honey is not recommended for children under 1-year-old, and is direct from the Hive.  The glass jars are all washed and reused so some traces of the previous contents may still exist – they’re all old jam or marmalade jars.

Store your honey at room temperature away from direct light.

All sizes and weights are approximate and no two jars are the same and may differ from images.



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Honeycomb Pack, Taster Size, Large, Medium