Our 2020 Summer Trip is heading abroad to Spain, and we'd love for you to join us!

The Unit has a long history of Abroad Summer Trips over the last 50 years, but this year, we're going to brand-new area in Northern Spain. We've worked hard to plan an awesome week, but at a reasonable price, and we think we've got sorted. The dates are 27th July 2020 - 5th August 2020.

Who doesn't fancy a 10-day trip abroad with their mates? We're excited to release the details of our upcoming international trip, in the Summer of 2020.  We considered a lot of different locations and countries, within Europe, before finally settling on the northern-Spanish coastline.

The Picos de Europa, is a destination the Unit has travelled to many times before, but this will be our first time back since 2010 - and we can't wait. Check out all the plans below, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Down-River Kayaking (1 day)

Coasteering (1 day)

2 day/1 night Mountain Hut Hike

White Water Rafting (1 day)

Rock Climbing (1 day)

Group Meal Out

Level IV Canyoning (1 day)

Beach Day (1 day)

So, where are staying?

This is no ordinary Summer Camp. We’re staying on a new-modern campsite, with all the features you’d expect from a foreign resort. Although we’ll still be camping, there’s two on site swimming pools, shop, games courts, as well as that all important WIFI. Check out the video…

We plan to take traditional Scout-style tents for you to sleep in, which will not only give you extra room, but will keep it a lot cooler in the sun. With the beach only a 10-minute walk away, a large supermarket opposite the campsite, and large town just down the road – it’s the ideal location.

What about travel?

We get it, our minibuses aren’t the most comfiest for super-long journeys, so we’ve teamed up with Ryanair to fly us from London Stansted to Santander. At the same time our minibuses will travel to Spain via Ferry with all our kit, before picking us up from the Santander Airport, and taking us to our awesome campsite – just an hour away.

We’ll be taking hand luggage only on the flight (the usual supplies; phone charger, headphones, snacks e.t.c), and all your personal kit, and group kit, will travel down via overnight ferry, so it will all be on the campsite when we arrive.

I heard there’s good food in Spain…

We heard that too, and we can’t wait to check it out. Whilst we’re abroad, we’ll of course be trying the local cuisine, but as we’re catering for ourselves, we can always divert back to our favourite foods if we need.

Explorers will be placed into smaller friendship groups, and given a food budget. They then have to plan, budget, buy and cook their food – of course, Leaders are always on hand if needs be.

We’re lucky enough to have a large local supermarket opposite from the campsite, so all their delicious ingredients can be carried back to camp. All camping and cooking equipment will travel via minibus ahead of the Explorer’s arrival.

So… what does all this cost?

For a 10 day trip abroad including return flights, transfers and transport, kit and minibus transport, all activities, wetsuit hire, food, accomodation on a fantastic campsite, and an awesome trip T-Shirt, we’ve managed to do it all for £600.

We fully appreciate this is a lot of money, but don’t worry, we don’t expect it all at once. All payments are made online, via PayPal.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required by 31st December 2019 to secure a place – this is so we can purchase the return flight. The full balance is due before 1st July 2020.

Please see below on how to plan to reduce this cost.

Number of Payments
Explorer's Name

Bag Packing

Over the next year, we plan to arrange several bag packing days at a Sheffield supermarket. We generally make between £700 – £1000 per day bag packing, and what ever we make will be split equally between all Explorers and adults attending the camp, that stay for the duration of the bag packing session.

We hope by organising several of these across the year, it will help to reduce the overall cost.

We’ll let everyone know how much they’ve deducted from their total after each session.

Brian Sellars Fund

The Brian Sellars fund is there to assist all Explorer Scouts in taking part in adventure, exciting, and self-developing activities – and we think an International Trip fits the criteria perfectly.

September 2019 – We have been in contact with The Brian Sellars committee, and have both agreed that we will send off a group application, for all members joining us in Spain. This will be sent in January 2020, when we know confirmed numbers. Not only does this saves members having to apply for themselves, but saves the committee having to consider lots of  applications individually. It is very likely our group application will be successful. The amount of funding we receive, we can’t predict, but anything we do receive, we will inform you.

More details can be found here http://www.adventurefundingsheffield.org.uk/

One last thing…

-All deposits (£100) are non-refundable

-Your Explorer will need to have a valid passport to travel abroad

Get in touch…

We genuinely want every Explorer to join us for the amazing adventure that await, so if you have any questions, queries, or difficulties paying the full amount, please get in touch with myself, and I will do everything I can to reassure you, and enable everyone to attend.

Speak to me on a Thursday evening, or email me at: