This is our long term plan. The Young Exec (Unit Members) along with the Leadership team join together every few months, to plan the following two or three months, so dates far in the future may appear with TBC.

As you’ll expect, the programmed evening may change due to weather or other factors out of our control, so always check the weekly activity email sent out. This just gives you a rough idea of what we’ve got coming up and when.

DateActivityThe Plan
21/10/2021Exec ElectionsThe Young Exec are 8 elected Explorers (voted by the Explorers themselves), who will plan the programmes going forward, ensuring you do stuff that you want to do! Fancy it? Put your name forward tonight....
28/10/2021Spooky CarvingsIt's nearly Halloween - so that means only one thing... Pumpkin Carving! Bring along a large pumpkin and your caving implements.
04/11/2021Bonfire NightFurther details to follow.
11/11/2021Life SkillsFurther details to follow.
18/11/2021Ninja WarriorFurther details to follow.
25/11/2021I'm A Celebrity