Welcome to the Unit. You’re joining one of the largest and most successful Explorer Unit’s, for 14 – 18 year olds, in the country. Below you’ll find lots of information to hopefully help you on your way to joining Explorers.

Moving up from Scouts?

Every Scout in Sheaf District moves up to The Unit, when they’re around 14 years old. Your Scout Group will determine when it’s best to move up, depending on personal circumstances and programmes. Please speak to your Scout Leader about moving up.

If your Scout Group uses Online Scout Manager to manage your Scout’s personal details, brilliant – because so do we! Your Scout’s details will need to be electronically transferred across to us by your Scout Leader, and then we’ll send you a welcome email, asking you to check and update these details.

They cannot start until your Scout Leader has been in touch.

or New to Scouting?

If you’ve not been to Scouts before, or don’t currently attend, don’t worry – nearly half of our members haven’t been to Scouts before.

We need a few basic details from your prior to their first night. Please email us using the details at the bottom of the website, to let us know the

  • Explorer’s full name, DoB and mobile number,
  • Your full name, address, mobile number and email address, along with the first Thursday night you’re hoping for them to attend.

So what do I get to do?

Well, put simply you get to do amazing activities, spend time in the place that matters the most – the outdoors, and most importantly; have a laugh and an awesome time with your mates – old and new.

You’ll gain new experiences, a whole lot more confidence, have the opportunity to challenge yourself, gain some independence and yes, grow up a little too (only if you wish though).

Where does it all happen?

We meet on a Thursday night, either at The Unit on Helmton Road, or if we’re heading out for the evening, we’ll sometimes ask you to meet us somewhere else. A map can be found on the homepage of our website, at the bottom.We’re centrally located in Sheaf District.

If we’re indoors, we normally meet at 7.30pm and finish around 9.15pm. If we’re heading out we normally meet for 7.00pm and finish for 9.30pm unless you hear differently.

Our website is central to everything

You’ll definitely want to bookmark our website:

It’s always got out latest programme on, looking ahead to the next 5 events. This will tell you when we’re meeting, where we’re meeting, what we’ll be doing, and what you’ll need to bring.

All communications are via email, so make sure you check your emails regularly so you’re always up to date.

The boring adult bit – part 1

The Unit is ran on an online system, called Online Scout Manager. Once set up, it allows you to update details at any time, sign up for camps, check out our programme and manage their subs payments.

Once signed up, you’ll receive an email with two links on. These take you securely to your young person’s online area. Please take a couple of minutes and ensure all of the details are filled in, and up to date – this is very important.

Please ensure ALL boxes are completed, including, medical, swimmer, dietary and photo details are clearly marked. Please ensure your young person’s email and mobile phone number are also included.

The boring adult bit – part 2

Subs are paid via Direct Debit. This is the only way for subs to be paid, and gives you full control, and a full record of what you pay, via our online system

This is currently ÂŁ12/month – it’s fantastic value for money, especially when you start seeing how much time your young person will spend with us doing awesome things. We own our own massive, multi purpose building, fleet of minibuses, and loads of adventurous activity equipment such as kayaks and rock climbing gear – all of which we put to use each week, creating an awesome programme.

You will receive a Direct Debit Set Up email in the coming weeks when you can set up the direct debit – we like to ensure they’ve settled in properly first.


As an Explorer, they’re expected to own an Explorer Shirt and Unit Necker.

The Explorer Shirt is dark beige in colour. Please don’t get mixed up with the Network/Leader’s shirts that are light beige, or Sea / Air Scouts that have a light blue uniform.

Shirt’s can be purchased from The Scout and Guide Shop, Trippet Lane, S1 4EL or online from

Woodseats’ necker’s are manufactured especially for the group, with our logo, Spiney the Hedgehog embroidered on the back – to help us stand out.

These can be purchased from any Leader. Simply bring in ÂŁ8 in cash, and we can give you one there and then.

Once they have a Shirt and Necker, we’re then able to formally invest you into the Unit. Once this has happened, you’ll then receive your first set of badges for you (or your parents) to sew on!

You’ve made it!

That’s it – you’ve made it to the end! We hope that provided you with a bit of information about the Unit.

Of course you’ll have a few more questions, and that’s great – we’d love to hear from you.

Simply give us an email, on the addresses at the bottom of the website, and we’ll get back to you.

See you on soon 🙂