Making life easier for everyone

As you can appreciate, with over 50 active Explorer Scouts, we like to get out and about to escape the city life of Woodseats. We, therefore, have our own fleet of mini-busses and need access to these at various times in the month.

We know parking on Helmton Road can be a nightmare, so therefore we have no issues with you parking in front of our garage, as long as we know which house the vehicle owner lives in if we ever need to get our vehicles in or out.

Our busiest times, and when we’ll most likely need access to the garage is on a Thursday evening, between 1900 and 2200. At other times, it might be the odd occasion on an evening if we return from camp e.t.c

To keep things simple, all we ask is that you submit the accompanying form, which only asks for your number plate and house number.

If you have any questions, please email