Recommended Gear

Adventure is what we’re all about, but making sure you’ve got the right gear on you is key to enjoying yourself.

The Unit tries to get outdoors as much as possible, and whether we’re talking about a few wide-games in the Peak District or an overnight expedition to Robin Hood’s Cave, the below gear is what you need as a minimum for any outdoor Thursday evening or weekend..

Don’t take our word for it though, shop around, do your own research into what will work best for you. Don’t forget, if you use Amazon Smile or EasyFundraising, you can also raise funds for the Unit at no extra cost at all.

As with anything we suggest, we suggest heading down to the store and trying them on yourself – to make sure they fit correctly, and they comfortable.

Gear is always an investment. It may seem expensive for something you might only use a couple of times a month, at first, but buying decent gear in the first place should mean it will last a number of years (some of our Leaders have kit aged 10+ years, and they’re still going strong), never mind make the experience a lot more dry, comfortable and enjoyable.

It’s also worth noting, that Explorers get 10% off at Go Outdoors, Blacks & Millets.

With all that said bring on the outdoors…

The Basics

A Head Torch
No, a phone torch isn’t the same. It’s in no way as powerful, you’re bound to either fall over because you can’t see far enough, drop it into a puddle, or bump it into a tree or all three at once. Just think of that £800 repair bill!!

Grabbing this head torch – means you get to keep your hands free. It’s USB rechargeable and lasts for over 30 hours across white and red light (red is ideal to keep your night vision). It’s a no brainer!

Strong Footwear
There’s no room to be fashion conscious when it comes to strong, suitable footwear. Boots and outdoor shoes are designed to provide support to the foot and ankle as you traverse the rough and rocky ground, so bear this in mind when looking at a pair – a decent pair should cost at least £30

This is where we recommend you do your research as boots can seem really overpriced, but there are some fantastic value options out there.

Waterproof Coat
We live in England. That means it’s going to rain pretty much all of the time. That’s why a decent waterproof layer will keep you going for longer.

An “everyday waterproof coat” may do if we’re playing games in Graves Park with a slight drizzle, but the best prevention is to layer up and think of your outer layer as the ‘waterproof layer’. Some jackets are designed for protection against wind, some against rain, and some against everything – but in that last case, it’s either all or nothing.

Decathlon does a great range of waterproof coats. Just be sure to get something that you wear on top of a jumper and t-shirt, take off and still be warm. A waterproof layer should be just that, waterproof, and not try to include warmth/wind protection – there are more suitable items better to tackle those elements. At the very basic, we just want you to keep dry. We’d recommend not going for anything under £20 – you don’t want to be soggy.