Explorers invested whilst 10m in the air

Seven Explorers were invested over the weekend, but not in the usual way.

During this year’s District Camp, the new members of the Unit were officially welcomed into the group half way down an abseil.

Alice, Megan, Tom, Reuben, Henry, Josh and Matt were all harnessed up before making their way to the top of the 12m platform, ready to be lowered off. After their ropes were checked for a final time, they turned their back to the drop in pairs ready to descend. Slowly each Explorer built up the confidence to lower themselves down and take control of the ropes.

Soon they were found themselves already way down and met the Explorer Scout Leader, Richard, who was already hanging in the middle of the pair waiting to invest them. The Explorers then had to let go of the rope with their right hand to make the promise – not an easy thing to do when you’re 10m off the ground, before abseiling down to the ground.

All the Explorers successfully made the abseil and are now full members of Woodseats Explorers – congratulations!

Why not check out the below video of the weekend, to catch a quick glimpse of the abseil, and see what else we got up to during the weekend.