DofE at Woodseats

Are you a member thinking about your DofE or already started? Or maybe you’re a parent or carer, finding out about DofE or wanting to support your son or daughter through their programme?

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Award is split into three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Check out the below level videos, to find out what’s involved:

Minimum Age141516
Minimum Time Required6 Months12 Months18 Months
Expedition Length2 Days, 1 Night3 Days, 2 Nights4 Days, 3 Nights

How do I get started?

First of all we need to get you registered on eDofE – the online system that tracks and manages all your awards.

To do this, download and complete the below form. This must be sent back to the contact details, along with payment, on the reverse of the form.

Woodseats does not manage any applications. All applications are approved and set up centrally by South Yorkshire Scouts. You’ll then appear on the Woodseats eDofE section. Any forms and monies submitted to Woodseats will be returned to you.


eDofE is an online system that will organise and keep track of your award.

Click here to visit eDofE:

For each section, you need to submit a ‘Programme Planner’ of your section activity idea. Woodseats Leaders will then check this complies with DofE, and approve the activity. This is when your minimum section time starts from.

You need to add ‘evidence’ as you go along. This can be reports, pictures, videos e.t.c, but we need to see something to prove you’re taking part and making progress.

Finally, to finish the section off – it needs to be approved by an assessor. This can be anyone, except a family member. They simply need to head to the following website:

They need your DofE ID number, name and level. They then write your report, and submit it. It then comes through to the Unit Leaders, who approve it. It will then become visible on your eDofE.

Once all your sections are complete, we send if off to DofE Central, who check everything’s ok, and approve the award. Congratulations! You’ll then get a certificate, pin badge, and cloth badge, along with the ability to put it on your CV and job applications!

If you get stuck with eDofE (we know it’s not the easiest to understand or use at time), give us an email using the details at the bottom of the website.


These are simply the best bits of DofE. A few days camping and walking in the wild, with your mates!

Expeditions are organised by you, but overseen by Unit Leaders. These can be my foot, bike, horse or boat.

Bronze: These normally take place in the Dark Peak District, and planning heavily overseen by Leaders

Silver: These normally take place in the North Yorkshire Moors

Gold: These are generally taken place in the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Scotland or Southern Moors.

Expeditions are fully supervised by Unit Leaders, and will be in the local area at all times, although members may not see them or interact with them. Further information will be provided closer to the time. Expeditions can only take place from Easter Holidays to October Half Term.

Check out the below video filmed by one of our DofE groups:

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