Bag Packing at Sainsbury’s

So we’ve been given the opportunity to take over Sainsbury’s checkouts at Crystal Peaks to fundraise for the Unit! It’s an easy way to get hundreds (if not, thousands) of pounds of fundraising, for not a lot of effort (and it’s warm).  Fundraising is vital to Woodseats. We have a HUGE building to maintain, keep safe[…]

Days Mountain Biking – 31st August

Pedal power to the max! 😉 It’s the last day off before some of us head back to School, so were keen to get out Mountain Biking one more time.  Due to a few transport issues (one bus is being borrowed, and one bus is in the garage for repair) we’ve had to adjust our route[…]

Explorers invested whilst 10m in the air

Seven Explorers were invested over the weekend, but not in the usual way. During this year’s District Camp, the new members of the Unit were officially welcomed into the group half way down an abseil. Alice, Megan, Tom, Reuben, Henry, Josh and Matt were all harnessed up before making their way to the top of the[…]